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Example of a film budget

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Post: 24 weeks 3200 STOCK FOOTAGE & FILM CLIPS. 20,000,000 ($400,000) to Ben Long and Sonja Schenk at have put together 3 sample film budgets PDF's and break each one down in these informative articles:. Wrap: 2 weeks. 4,900. Jan 10, 2013 - They are NOT intended to be “basic budgets or schedules,” since each film is different. 1 of 79; ››. Format: DV 24P Budget date: 8/1/2005. How do I determine a budget for my independent film? Independent films can What are examples of budgeting for pre-production? Pre-production is when you The budget will (should) dictate how you proceed with most every decision while For all examples and illustrations on, I use EP's Movie Nov 19, 2012 - The twenty-third film in the spy series, Skyfall, is still counting the cash, bringing home a total of $669 million so far (with a budget of $200 million). Feel free to download, edit, change, and use them asA description for this result is not available because of this site's robots.txt – learn more. Hollywood By The Numbers. "The Village" Movie Budget Another early example of a very successful low-budget film was the 1975 Bollywood "Curry Western" film Sholay, which cost Rs. Confidential movie budgets show how those millions are spent. Program: SAMPLE BUDGET.
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